5 Key Reasons to Consider USPS to Manage Your Shipping Online

5 Key Reasons to Consider USPS to Manage Your Shipping Online

Saving on your shipping can play a huge role in driving up your profit margins. That’s why e-commerce business owners who deal with shipping every day are looking for ways to reduce their shipping costs without compromising on the security, safety and timely delivery of their products. One of the best ways to reduce your shipping costs is to choose the right carrier. One of the best carriers that can help you reduce your shipping costs is United States Postal Services (USPS). USPS has a special shipping plan called ‘’USPS flat rate shipping’’ that can help you reduce your shipping costs significantly. Let’s see the main reasons why you should leverage USPS flat rate shipping plan for your e-commerce website:

Eliminates the guesswork when calculating shipping cost to help you manage your shipping cost-effectively

The USPS shipping plan features various rates and package sizes. They have a flat rate of $5.20 for package sizes of below 85/8 by 53/8 by 15/8 regardless of the weight of the product. So if you ship heavy items, this is the best carrier to choose.

Make it easy to manage your shipping online because they offer free shipping boxes

You can use the USPS flat rate boxes without paying a dime. Just go to their offices and ask for them or order them through their website. This can help you save a significant sum that you would have used to pay for packaging if you’d have chosen another carrier.

ISPS is worth having in your multi-carrier shipping solutions because there are no surcharges

The USPS flat rate shipping is constant regardless of the situation. You won’t be charged extra for residential, fuel, or Saturday deliveries.

USPS IS worth integrating into any e-commerce shipping software because it’s protected by the federal law enforcement agents

With USPS, you have a piece of mind knowing that your merchandise is safe from dispatch to delivery because it protected by federal agents.

USPS is a good option to manage your shipping online because your products are in good hands

Some carriers will leave your package outside if they don’t find you when delivering. This is risky because someone can easily steal it. Or when it rains, it can easily be destroyed. USPS will ensure you’ve received your package and signed for it. If they find you’re not available, they will try to reach you and if they can’t, they will redeliver it.


With these advantages, it’s safe to say that shipping with USPS can help you minimize your shipping costs significantly. So it’s worth integrating into your multicarrier shipping solution.

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