3 Things to Know Before Choosing Ecommerce Shipping Software

3 Things to Know Before Choosing Ecommerce Shipping Software

When looking to run an e-commerce website, one of the things that will keep you awake at night is shipping. A lot of questions about shipping will pop into your mind, including how to ship your products to clients, warehouse management, how to package your products and more. Below is a full highlight of things to know about shipping that will help alienate some of these problems:

State your shipping policy clearly before you choose the best shipping software

It’s a good idea to dedicate a section of your e-commerce web page to directly and clearly state your shipping policies. It’s a no-brainer that when clients know exactly what to expect, they won’t get annoyed when you follow through. Also, go for the worst case scenario when stating your shipping policy. Don’t state your operation standards. In other words, if your policy states that you ship within 48 hours, make a point to ship within 24 hours. Fast shipping will nail you more customers. But if you don’t deliver within the 48 hours, customers will abandon you.

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Make shipping charges clear if you want to manage your shipping properly

You might decide to use multiple shipping options on your e-commerce website, that’s great. Just make sure you clearly show the charge for each shipping option. Ideally, you should look to create a chart that provides a customer with details about shipping, including arrival date, shipping price, and shipping method. The good thing about FedEx and UPS is that they offer tools that you can use to ascertain delivery time. Project delays that may occur due to holidays and weekends. Always keep in mind that late delivery is bad for your business regardless of the day of the week or situation.

To manage your shipping online successfully, always make sure to keep the customer apprised

Nothing makes a customer unhappy as not knowing what is going on with their order. Keep them apprised of the order status in the course of the shipping process. Let them know if you have acquired the product, and when you dispatch it. You can also leverage multicarrier shipping solutions that give customers real-time visibility of their order status. Communication will make them satisfied and they’ll not have to worry about their order.


Other things you should consider before choosing e-commerce shipping software include free shipping, and mitigating unexpected hazards. The aim of starting an e-commerce website is to satisfy customers and, in turn, make huge profits. With efficient shipping process, you can achieve those easily.

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