Do SEO Agencies use Internal Links for Ranking?

SEO is huge! Yes, it encompasses all that you know, including keywords, backlinks, and content marketing. But it has to do with much more than you already know now, mainly because the Google algorithm is robust and constantly updated. One of the most influential factors but often underestimated is internal linking. Are you surprised? Let us follow the article carefully.

What are Internal Links?

Internal links are the hyperlinks you create to link one page to another on your site. Meanwhile, these links are not the same as external links, which refer to links from one website to another. For instance, while writing a blog post on a particular keyword, you can create a hyperlink to refer to another page on the same site. That is internal linking.

Internal Linking Vs. External Linking

We have described internal linking as connecting one page to another page on the same site. On the other hand, external links refer to those links that serve as a vote of confidence in your area. These links are usually from another site. The more you gather these quality external links from high-authority sites, the more your site authority grows. Consequently, your site will continue to advance in search rankings.

Do SEO Agencies use Internal Links for Ranking?

Why are internal links important?

Internal links are essential for marketers because it helps Google indexing bot to crawl your site faster for higher efficiency. In addition, you can thereby improve your user experience while monitoring their behavioral signals and boost your rankings. When using internal links, remember to use relevant anchor text and keywords that connect the topic, this helps increase website traffic and authority, learn more about, how to increase website traffic and conversion at

How does Internal linking improve your Site’s SEO?

There are two primary mechanisms of internal linking which it influences your site positively:

  1. Internal linking helps to create a site architecture to interconnect the information that exists on your site pages. It is also called Information Architecture
  2. It also spreads link juice all over your site, which is known as link equity or link value

Let us pick these pints one after the other.

Site Architecture or Information Architecture (IA)

Every website should contain relevant and valuable content that users can find suitable to meet their needs. To achieve great results, you should construct your site structure in a way that is easy to navigate. In addition, you can compare this feature to what you have on your sitemap or navigation bar.

Internal linking helps search engines and users navigate your site and create a hierarchy of information on your site. The web crawler has a way of scouring the internet for helpful content. Still, you cannot assume that it automatically understands every item on your site. In other words, you can view internal linking like a spider web where a user can move from one page to another.

Link Equity

The second mechanism of internal linking is link equity, which refers to the balance between internal and external links. Google uses the balance between the two types of links to sort sites for the most valuable and relevant results. Consequently, the credibility that your site achieves also contributes to its ranking. learn more about link equity by clicking here

Do SEO Agencies use Internal Links for Ranking?

How to Create an Internal Link Structure

We are now familiar with what internal linking is and how they help site SEO. However, setting up the best internal linking strategy that can produce optimal results to boost your site ranking on organic search results is the actual work. Moreover, how can you set up this internal link structure to ensure that it supplies the juicy benefits you expect?

Google finds it difficult to understand sites with a touch IA where there is hardly any hierarchy pattern. Therefore, the best form of creating link structures is to have a straightforward design for your main page, the home page, and other interrelated pages. As a result, when a newcomer lands on your site searching for a piece of particular information, they immediately know where to look.

Moreover, what are the basic steps to take to create an internal linking structure?

Link your most vital pages

There is a strategy of linking one page to another on your site; you can’t just use every word as an anchor text. Also, since internal linking has a way of spreading link equity among your pages, it is only wise to organize these linked pages. Internal linking your best pages also ensures that underperforming pages rank better in search engine result pages (SERPs).

In addition, there are dedicated backlink tools that professional SEO companies use to achieve great results. Therefore, the path of internal linking will involve spreading link equity from high-volume pages to low-volume pages. When you identify pages with fewer links, it is time to send links from high-ranking pages there. A consistent internal linking will improve your overall domain authority.

Don’t overdo page linking

Having known the benefit of internal linking, there may be a temptation to continue to do it without discretion. But don’t go overboard with the links you input on a page. As crucial as internal linking is, having multiple internal links sends a red flag to Google and has an adverse effect. Meanwhile, a general rule you can keep is 3 to 4 links per page, depending on the length.

Use crawlable links

The algorithm must have first crawled every web page that appears in Google search results. Meanwhile, successful crawling takes place when you set the links in their rightful places. If you are unsure what kind of crawlable links, you may have to talk to a professional SEO agency.

Optimize your anchor text

The anchor text is the words that you convert into hyperlinks to create internal links. These are the words that the user clicks to navigate to the linked page. Moreover, this anchor text tells search engines about the page being linked to and the information to find there. Furthermore, you must ensure that you use relevant anchor text that aligns with the attached link.

Do SEO Agencies use Internal Links for Ranking?


This comprehensive guide contains the details of how internal links can boost your organic search ranking. Starting from what internal links are, it also differentiates it from external links while giving clear instructions on using them. If you plan to achieve great results with this strategy, you may also need an SEO agency to help you implement them.