Good Shipping Practices to Manage Your Shipping Online Profitably

Good Shipping Practices to Manage Your Shipping Online Profitably

If you run an e-commerce business, then it’s critical that you know the ins and outs of shipping. Getting to grips with the ins and outs of shipping is the bedrock of a successful e-commerce business. That said; here are the good shipping practices to adopt if you want to experience quick success with your e-commerce business:

Timely deliveries will ensure you have great relationships with your customers. When a customer makes an order, get to it right away. Locate the product in the warehouse, package it and if possible ship it the same day.

  • Manage your shipping online: Provide free shipping

There are many ways e-commerce business owners can entice customers to buy from their site. One of the most effective is offering free shipping. Customers will flock your e-commerce shop if they realize that you offer free shipping. But understand that free shipping can erode your profit margins. But if you manage to get a ton of customers, you’ll be able to bridge that gap.

  • Manage your shipping online: Always calculate your cost of shipping

Most business owners just choose shipping companies without conducting research, they end up losing a lot of money on shipping. They actually wait until they get an order before they conduct research on the various shipping methods. Know upfront how you will ship every product. Get the finer details, including cost. Know the kind of packaging you would use, and determine if you qualify for lower shipping rates. If you’re shipping beyond borders, know the carriers that ship internationally.

  • Manage your shipping online: Consider shipping insurance

When it comes to e-commerce shipping, insurance is a great idea. Shipping comes with a lot of risks. But you have to reduce the risks where possible to ensure you don’t incur hefty loses and that you’re on your customers’ best books. An expensive product can get damaged during shipping. You would not want to incur that cost, that’s why insurance is important. To ensure you don’t pay a lot for insurance, you can insure expensive items only.

  • Manage your shipping online: Consider international shipping

Shipping across the world comes with a host of logistical challenges. The risks are also huge. For example, the risks of product theft, damage and fraud are higher. And you will incur more shipping expenses. However, the rewards can be massive if you manage to get around these issues.


Shipping can be fun if you know its ins and outs. But it can be a nightmare if you don’t know how to go about it. Yet, it’s a very important aspect of your e-commerce business. So make sure you use these tips to ensure it’s less painful and costly.

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